What Can You Get with a Getty Promo Code?

getty-images-logo-smallAre you looking for powerful imagery? Getty Images is well renowned for their images that move the world with creativity. The image collection of the stock site move hearts, opinions and minds. It powers ideas, perceptions and commerce. Thus, it is safe to say that the stock photo website affects individuals and the society in all levels. It helps power creative careers and helps the community flourish. For over 15 years, Getty has been doing just that.

At one glance, the promise of Getty Images sounds too good to be true. Actually, there is truth to it. But, we all know that good things come with a price – a high price. Since the stock photo website is one of the best in the market, it also has an expensive pricing and plan. That’s why many creative professionals are always looking for a Getty promo code. They are hoping to somehow get some discounts and cut back on the costly original prices of images.

Unfortunately, the stock photo agency does not offer any Getty promo code. It does, on the other hand, offer a better alternative with Ultrapacks.

What are Ultrapacks?

Ultrapacks are a new way to purchase images on demand at Getty Images. They let you pay upfront for a certain amount of images. Then, you can choose and download whenever you want. This means you can save your downloads and use them when the need arises. This is so much easier because you do not have select which images you want to download first. You can just make an estimate of the number of images you need and pay for them beforehand.

Ultrapacks do not expire, too. As long as you sign in to your Getty Images account at least once in 12 months, you can extend the use of your downloads. For instance, you purchase an Ultrapack of five low resolution images for $800 and you use 1 image for your first blog of the month. You can use the four remaining downloads will be available for use in any creative project in the future. Simply sign in to your account and you can extend your partially-used Ultrapack for another year.

What can you get with a Getty promo code? Nothing because there is no promo code at this time. There are, however, Ultrapacks that are just as good as these coupons. Perhaps, they offer even greater discounts and benefits. So, what are you waiting for? Save more money licensing images from one of the best stock photo websites in the world with Ultrapacks. Do not miss this rare opportunity to purchase royalty-free images and editorial photos at a cheaper price. Get your Ultrapacks now and enjoy benefits like having a Getty promo code.