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How to Get Cheap Stock Photos Online

For web designers and bloggers, photos and illustrations are essential for a good website. Images provide the appeal that texts cannot provide. A good website needs a good balance of texts and images in able to fully convey the artistic and literary expression of the creator. Because of this, they constantly seek for fresh cheap stock photos online every time they plan on posting fresh content.

cheap stock photos

But why settle for cheap stock photos while you can just grab photos without paying? For starters, the best reason for this is due to copyright laws. Copyright is a form of protection that gives original content providers their rights as original creators.  All forms of images are automatically protected by copyright laws immediately after their creation. If you own a blog, website, or plan to use images as part of your business projects, you should always keep this in mind to avoid legal repercussions.

In order to get cheap stock photos, you will need a good list of websites that offer them.

The following is a list of websites that provide interesting content and cheap stock photos:

  • Morgue File – provides not only cheap stock photos but also free images. The integration of a social-media like feature makes a refreshing experience for those who’ve been into a lot of stock photo sites that are solely into selling content. Users can interact in an image by liking and commenting on it – just like how you could do it in Facebook. You can also share the image via popular social media sites.
  • Every Stock Photo – has a neat feature that allows the registered user to save a collection of the images obtained. It’s also equipped with advanced search tools that could help sort and narrow your search results. And like most websites, they also have a safe search filter.
  • Bigstock – offers a monthly royalty-free subscription. It provides one image per month free trial that allows the download of any one image or vector of any size to entice potential members. If that’s not enough, there’s also a 7-day free trial that allows the download of 5 royalty-free photos per day for 7 days. Big Stock also offers one of the cheapest monthly subscriptions out there. With offers like these, this is one of the sites too good to pass up.
  • Master File – has a reverse image search feature that allows the checking of the site if it has the same image as the one provided by the user by uploading a sample. This is a great feature for those who have a low resolution image and want to have a higher resolution version.

Several original content providers allow free use of their work but it all depends on what kind of license or rights they want to waive in order to allow other users to use it. It is also a part of professional ethics to give due credit to their works even if the creators themselves forgot or failed to mention asking for credit. In order to avoid setbacks caused by such technicalities, it’s more convenient to purchase cheap stock photos from website that provide them.

How to Save with Shutterstock Coupon Codes

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It can be difficult to locate a dependable source for stock photos that can be used for business and advertising. The best sources for photos must provide high-quality images, variety, and the ability to search their database effortlessly. Merely searching the web for images to use in your business does not make the grade when it comes to standing out among the competition. However, Shutterstock is a website that is devoting itself to service of this kind for its clients at extremely competitive prices.

Why is a great Stock Agency

You can increase the appeal and sophistication of your business while you save money as well. You can work with stunning photographs without having to hire a photographer every time a new image is needed. Visiting today can open the door to the visual possibilities.

Shutterstock puts over 30 million images at the fingertips of its clients. They have been building their database for over a decade and enjoy an excellent reputation in the photography and graphic communities. On top of the excellent service and creative freedom that they give to their customers, this company delivers everything that they have to offer at prices that are virtually unmatched anywhere on the web. The Shutterstock Free images have become the first and only destination for web designers, artists, and bloggers who are making their presence known on the web. The prices get even better when clients take advantage of one of the many promotion codes that are continually being offered. These online coupons deliver savings of all kinds throughout the year and compared to these cheap stock photos are still worth it.

Get 10% Off with this Shutterstock Coupon Code

The regular Shutterstock Promo Codes typically offer up to 10 percent off a variety of packages and subscriptions to users. During any given month, clients can expect to find a Shutterstock Promotion that provides them with unbelievable deals on limited membership, annual subscriptions, and footage packages geared towards particular images and interests. The possibilities and Shutterstock Promo Codes are not limited to just photographs either. Stock photography is available in addition to clip art, vectors, illustrations, and video footage. No other site has such a comprehensive database to offer to customers. There are very few limitations when it comes to the freedom you receive when using a Shutterstock Coupon Code. Standard licensing and enhanced licenses are all available at prices that are unparalleled in this industry.

Using a Shutterstock Coupon is extremely easy as well. Rather than having to scour the web for codes that lead to savings and discounts, the company provides them conveniently on their own website for users. They change on a monthly basis, giving you plenty of reasons to return again and again for every project that comes your way. One of the primary reasons that people turn to Shutterstock is the fact that they provide completely innovative subscription options. Clients can sign up for as much as a year of membership at a time or take advantage of short-term options that are as flexible as offering 25-day access for a very low price.

The money that you will save when partnering with this company is made obvious from the moment that you log on to begin creating with their images. The savings that come with every coupon are outlined for every type of subscription. For instance, signing up for a month of service with 7 percent Shutterstock coupon codes saves users roughly $18 off the original costs. The most savings that are currently being offered exist with the one-year plan for new customers. When they sign up with the right promo code, they can save as much as $255. All that is required to receive the savings is entering the readily-available code during checkout when updating or initializing your subscription plan.

Cheap Stock Photos – Find the Perfect Stock Image

Best Cheap Stock Photos
Businesses or people looking to enhance marketing themselves or a specific message or product often turn to stock photography to fulfill their creative needs.

Why use stock photography?

Marketing professionals who decide to use stock photography for ad campaigns and fliers will save time and money. Nowadays, the stock photography industry is almost exclusively online and with the advent of the digital age, these websites have databases of millions of cheap images that are easy to find. And often, when you purchase a photo, you can download it to your computer instantly. We found this list of cheap stock photo agencies very useful on

Most professional photographers loathe the idea of someone or some company circumventing the creative route in favor of using a stock photo. But the benefits of purchasing stock images are many. Most important, they are less expensive than hiring a photographer who will have to arrange, schedule and set up an assignment. Not only will the image be more costly, it will take a lot longer for the client to get his or her hands on the photo.

Used the correct way, the stock photo can be very effective in helping to promote a message or a product. And there are plenty of websites that offer cheap stock images options.

Where to find cheap stock images?

Some of the cheapest stock photo options can be found at websites such as Shutterstock (check out a this coupon code here), Depositphotos, Fotolia, iStock, Dreamstime and 123RF. These websites have literally millions upon millions of stock photos that are available. Many stock photos are free, but most do come at a price, which is normally significantly less than if you hire a professional photographer

I found this video explaining it in more detail:

There are three types of stock photography:

  • Traditional or macro stock photography, which comes at a higher price and consists of exclusive stock photos.
  • Mid stock photography, which is not as expensive as macro but more costly than micro stock photography.
  • Microstock photography is at the low end of the price format. (check out the Wikipedia entry for more info)

Check Wikipedia if you want to know more about the different

The beauty of all the online companies that offer millions of cheap stock photos is that images can be purchased and delivered instantly.

The website with the lowest price stock photos is PhotoSpin, which has been selling stock images since 1999. Operated by designers and photographers, the cheapest stock photos could end up costing less than one cent per image. Signing up is easy and specials are available.

On the flipside of cheap stock photos, the lowest price for a stock image on Shutterstock will cost 28 cents. Clients can sign up for specials that include free photos and bonus offers. This website have a great top 7 list of the cheapest stock photo subscriptions as well.

Another website to purchase cheap images is Dreamstime, whose lowest price image costs 20 cents for one royalty-free image. Dreamstime boasts a flexible pricing system that regular users will be able to benefit from if they sign up.

Save money and time with affordable Images

Stock photography often is of better quality than images shot on assignment. Photographers are not under deadline pressure and have more time to manage a photo shoot. They can make sure the image is edited properly to suit a specific client. At the same time, clients have millions of searchable images, including international stock photos, to choose from that meet their specific needs. Users also can include stock images on more than one marketing campaign and can be used in conjunction with other designs, brochures or websites. Taking advantage of the millions of cheap stock photos many of these websites have to offer would be good business practice.